Decking is becoming increasingly popular and is a useful way of naturally extending your living space.  It is versatile and user friendly.  It is constructed with minimal disruptions and is also a great leveller.

When choosing materials for a new patio, path or driveway it is extremely important that you make the right selection. Whether it is tiles, stone or brick there is a vast number to products available.

Following ground preparation which involves removing roots, rotavation, levelling and enriching soil we lay premium quality turf.

Bricks are good addition for every garden or front of house. They add maturity and a warm effect. They can be used to outline and bring out a shape in the garden adding colour and texture.

It is a fantastic addition to the front of every house. It automatically increases the resale value of the property and visibly improves the outside beauty.

There are many different types that can be implemented in the garden. Although many of us take little notice fencing can add a lot to the overall image of the garden.

This is an aspect of the garden that can add atmospheric tone and an extra touch of style. It can make gardens look particularly attractive at night and create a warm glow on those late summer evenings.

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